Octavi Rumbau
composer & sound artist

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chamber / ensemble    
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One paradox 2.0
piano, 3 laptops & electronics (version 1)

piano, MIDI keyboard, electronics & video (version 2)
[the video support has been made thanks to the collaboration of the artist Guillem Bayo who kindly gave me one of his videos]

4 channels tape with real time sound processing [Max]
Duration: 10'

Commissioned by Laps Ensemble
Premiered on Mars 6, 2018
EUROPART Festival - March 2018 (Brussels/Belgium)
with the support of Fundación SGAE

This work is the second one of a set of pieces that questions the paradoxes or perceptives illusions theorized mainly by the scientists Roger Shepard & Diana Deutsch. The series began with 'One paradox 1.0' for solo electronic in 8 channels, premiered on June 22, 2017 at the Abrons Art Center in New York. Both the first and this second work focus on the well-known paradox of infinite glissando.

Specifically, for this work the infinite glissando is not only found in its original form on the electronics (as the well-known glissando of Jean Claude Risset), but it is also translated into the piano part and the four pianos electronically generated live. This translation is reflected in an global upward movement that tends to "infinity" in an extremely obsessive way.

Beyond the perceptive paradox described previously, the sounds done by the real piano & the electronics follow a constant movement in the form of pendular waves. This movement oscillates between the synchronization and the total dephasing throughout the entire piece.