Octavi Rumbau
composer & sound artist

music         bio

chamber / ensemble
electronics / installations

lights, shadows and electronics

4-channel autogenerative Max patch
Duration: 40'

Visual and object manipulation: Besllum (Pau Caracuel and Joana M. Pericās) 
Music: Octavi Rumbau

“Besllum” is a Catalan word that means radiance or luminescence—light shining through a body. This word defines the research project on lights and shadows and results in real-time hands-on dramatic show evoking the early days of cinema.

Different objects, opaque and translucent, organic materials such as plants, roots, water and various fluids become puppets brought to life, thanks to the movement from manipulation. Using light-emitting devices such as scrapped and retrofitted slide projectors, objects come to life and are magnified—evoking imaginary landscapes ranging from inside the body to the universe as a stage. A mysterious atmosphere is created—with allusions to the evolution of the cosmos, the movement of body fluids, the functioning of organs, nerve tissue, blood flows and photosynthesis—blending astronomy with cellular observation. From everything to one and from one to everything, since often in life from a single point of light a thousand points are formed, according to Besllum.

Along with the sonic exploration of Octavi Rumbau—based on the organicity and the play with perception of time and its paradoxes—the group’s proposal is a kaleidoscope of infinite dramatic possibilities.