Octavi Rumbau
composer & sound artist

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chamber / ensemble    
electronics / installations

L'irrémédiable écart
ensemble & live electronics

asax(=ssax) . vlc . perc . pno
Duration: 10'

Work composed for the XVII Composition Prize Colegio de España & INAEM 2012
Premiered in Marc 21 2013 by Ensemble Links
Collège de l'Espagne in Paris (France).

'L'irrémédiable écart' is essentially a musical exploration around the inharmonicity of piano strings. Specifically, it’s a "trip" that begins with the resonance of a virtual piano string created with electronic tools. This first sound has an absolute harmonic spectrum and it’s directed towards another sound more complex with a strongly inharmonic content that is located at the end of the piece. To build this "trip", I use electronic tools that give me the necessary microintervalic precision that the instruments do not allow. Instead, the instruments focus on underlining the contours of this long process of harmonic interpolation.
Unless a piano tuner turns up, the gap (écart) or beat that the title of the work describes will appear progressively in the 2nd overtone of each note that will always be at a frequency greater than twice its fundamental.

Recorded by Morphosis ensemble and INS records